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Utilizing green and sustainable technology to grow fresh produce

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Water Me Green


Water Me Green is the finest in sustainable urban gardening. Located in Jacksonville, Florida, Water Me Green will be building greenhouses to grow affordable, organic produce for local restaurants, non-profits and the planet conscious public.

The greenhouse will utilize green sustainable technology while partnering with local “green” organizations to ensure the best in quality as well as freshness; all while preserving our natural resources. Additionally, all the seedlings are non-GMO and organic.

Water Me Green’s social business projects are of the utmost importance. We believe that our commitment to helping elevate our community goes hand in hand with our commitment to preserve the environment. As such we will partner with local non-profits and donate 10% of all produce grown to help families and individuals struggling during these hard times. We as a community must provide and be provided affordable options when it comes to our dietary needs.

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Land Preserved

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Frequently Asked Questions

What city is your Project based out of?

Jacksonville, FL

What sets your Project apart from what is currently available?

The cutting-edge aeroponic technology behind the ‘Sustainable Table’ project allows us to grow vertically instead of horizontally, saving up to 90% of farmland and up to 95% of our water supply. Compared to conventional farms our yields are higher, turnarounds are shorter, and our produce is more nutritionally dense. We can accomplish this without saturating our crops with pesticides, herbicides, or other harmful chemicals. This technology, however, is not enough to make a substantial difference in our city or our society. The passion we have for our health, our planet, our community propels us forward certain we will change our world. Hydroponic and aquaponic systems each offer unique and different avenues to addressing rising concerns as the world population continues to grow while the fertile lands to feed this growing population continues to disappear every day. Unfortunately these systems are large and bulky, requiring large amounts of space to operate, and have a considerable amount of weight which limits their application in various settings. Our urban farm saves space by growing vertically and is lightweight enough to allow the development of a farm on the roof of a building in the heart of any major city. Jacksonville can begin developing farms on the “empty” spaces of the roofs throughout the downtown, grow food like never before, create jobs for the entire community and do it all without taking up another acre of land. This is what we can do; this is what sets us apart.

Tell us about your team and your goals for this project

Water Me Green is an exciting new urban farm that offers Jacksonville’s local restaurants truly local produce that is safe for families to enjoy without compromising our natural resources. Our project, ‘Sustainable Table’ is focused on elevating the dining experience in Jacksonville while promoting safer, cleaner, and sustainable farming techniques. To accomplish this and to distinguish ourselves from conventional farms we are developing an urban farm in Jacksonville that utilizes aeroponic technology and green methods like using non-GMO seeds, no herbicides, no pesticides, or any synthetic chemicals. So, the next time you look at your meal when you and your family are eating at one of our local restaurants, ask yourself this, “Where did those herbs or greens come from? What kinds of chemicals were they subjected to?” Water Me Green’s commitment clean and local produce is a promise we make, not only to ourselves and to our clients, but to all the families in Jacksonville as well.

Why are you and your team the best people on the planet to handle this Project?

Water Me Green’s team has a clear vision: Redefining local and improving the way we grow our food. Our proficiency in growing with these aeroponic towers sets us ahead of an out-dated and out-of-touch farming industry whose concern for the bottom line has caused them to lose perspective. We have a diverse team with a variety of skills that have all come together with a common purpose. We know that there is a way to grow better food, safer, cleaner, while preserving our environment.