The combined greenhouse emissions of trains, trucks, airplanes, and cars still falls short to an even greater contributor of greenhouse gases: Agriculture. To date, agriculture has cleared an area the size of South America to feed a world population of over 7 billion people and cleared an area the size of Africa to raise livestock. By the year 2050, if left unchanged, conventional farming will have to double current production to sustain a world population of over 9 billion people, something most experts say would overwhelm our natural resources.

Water Me Green-0002The solution, like any journey, begins with a single step; fostering change needs to start on a local level. Our commitment to future generations and their health begins with the steps we take today. The ‘Sustainable Table’ project takes a fresh approach to sustainability by building an innovative urban farm focused on growing local produce for the community around us.

In Jacksonville, restaurant and consumers are denied choices because of cost, seasonality, and availability from non-local farms. Conventional farming models encourage growing only produce that can survive transport, rather than for nutrition or flavor profile. To put this into perspective, there are over 7,500 varieties of tomatoes around the world today. The United States produces only 12. During lengthy transport, produce begins to decline in quality & nutrition, adding cost and contributing to an already staggering carbon footprint. Consumers are forced to buy produce exposed to dangerous chemicals, or poor in nutrition, quality, and flavor. This is what the community is struggling with, and this is what Water Me Green is going to change.

When we grow produce in Jacksonville, it stays in Jacksonville – traveling minutes instead of days, reducing cost and allowing for more competitive prices. Chefs will no longer rely on a broken system that dictated what was worth growing, but will instead have more variety and control. Families will enjoy a safe and healthy product as Jacksonville becomes a leader in innovation and sustainability.

Life changed for us after our son was born. Things we thought were important became trivial, while issues concerning our food and our environment demanded our attention. As a veteran, I take pride in our country and our innovative spirit. As a father, I want the most for my child, as any parent would. Our urban farm utilizes cutting-edge aeroponic technology, void of herbicides, pesticides, or any synthetic chemicals to grow a variety of exotic produce that is LOCAL, FRESH, and GREEN.

LOCAL: because we produce and distribute here in Jacksonville.
FRESH: because we harvest and deliver on the same day.
GREEN: because vertical aeroponics saves up to 90% of farmland and up to 95% of water.

My wife and I started the ‘Sustainable Table’ project to address concerns surrounding our children’s future. Help us raise the funds to realize an exciting new urban farm, poised to make Jacksonville a conscious and innovative city. Together, we can grow a brighter and sustainable future for children around the world today.